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1949 Woody -- $20,000

This is a 1949 Ford Woody Station Wagon. Until I bought it about 5 or 6 years ago, this car had spent its entire existence with one family in Modesto, California. BODY: Other than the light coating of surface rust on the exterior body from the paint wearing thin over the years, there is no rust anywhere on this car. I took several pictures to show the areas that are usually rusted out in these cars, and you can easily see that they are completely rust-free. I inspected the car from top to bottom and could not find a single rust hole anywhere. The rocker panels, bottoms of the fenders, sills, floors, inner fender wells, rear pan below the tailgate, door bottoms, tailgate, and every other area is completely free of rust. When you disassemble this car for restoration, you will have no difficulty removing any of the nuts and bolts that hold it together because none of them are rusted. CHASSIS: The drive train appears to be the original one that came with the car from the factory, and I don’t see any modifications. This is a 3-speed car without overdrive.
INTERIOR: The seats are all original with their original covers. Both rear ash trays mounted on the left side are still there and intact, which is very unusual. The dome light is still there and intact, and all the switches and buttons on the dash are there, including the original keys. I have purchased several new and NOS parts for this car, the most expensive of which is a brand new, COMPLETE set of wood for both the exterior and interior, at a cost of $15,000. The exterior wood, which is made of maple slats with mahogany paneling, has all been steam-bent, glued, and fitted to the car when it was made by “Wood-by-Whiskers”, a Ford woody specialist in Wisconsin, so that all the restorer has to do is varnish and set the panels in place and attach them with the blind nut fasteners, which I also bought as a complete new set for the car at a cost of $250. There will be no headaches with fitting this wood because it has already been pre-fit when it was made.
Also included is a pair of NOS exterior door handles which are unique to the ’49 Ford woody, and cost me $200 each, an NOS fuel pump and coil, and various other parts, as seen in the pictures. I was able to obtain new woody sill plates from Dennis Carpenter’s a few years ago before they stopped making them, and these also go with the car. I’ve also collected any correct parts that may have been non-stock for the car, like the correct air cleaner to replace the small, incorrect one that’s mounted on the carb now. I am also including a 1949 Ford 4-door sedan parts car, which may have some parts you can use, or can be used as a model when you’re putting the woody back together to show you how stuff goes together in the engine compartment, dash, etc. There are 3 pictures of the sedan at the bottom of the series of pictures below. This car is 100% complete. There is NOTHING missing from the car that you will have to search for on the internet, including all the special trim pieces, original hubcaps, including the special notched hubcap that goes on the spare tire, etc. The only parts you’ll need to buy are the consumables, like rubber gaskets, bearings, bushings, sanding discs, paint, etc. Why am I selling this gem after spending so much time and money in preparation of its complete restoration? Three weeks ago, on 2/3/13, I had low back surgery, and now doing the heavy lifting that would be required during my restoration of this big old car is not feasible. I will be sticking with restoring LBCs (Little British Cars) instead.